Top VR Games – Entering the Virtual Dimensions From Your Couch

Now that experiencing high tech has become extremely vogue, no wonder that VR games have gained popularity, too. Millions of us like to play with them, because they can give us high performance, sight, and experience. Therefore, we can find lots of them in the market, but which the best ones? We have investigated it by consulting several great sites and forums.

So, are you interested in a speedy journey into the world of top VR games? If so, you don’t need to go forward, but stay with us for a virtual shop-windowing! You can find great games on our list, such as Guardian Arena, Syren, Strak Trek: Bridge Crew and some excellent others.

It is incredibly exciting to enter virtual dimensions from our couch – we can be wherever we want to, we can experience lots of things, and we can be whoever we intend to – heroes, warriors, farmers or even kids! We can dive into our deepest dreams and we don’t even need to leave our room! Would you like to join us? Let’s go!

Top VR Games - Entering the Virtual Dimensions From Your Couch


Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR 

At first, I would like to introduce Essence, which is an amazing non-violent game, where you can discover surreal adventures from a first-person view. This game will reach your wish hidden in your heart for exploring a mysterious world. This world has been waiting for you, so hear its whispers! You will experience spectacular landscapes, thrilling adventures through wonderful and secret dimensions which will reveal you the truth about legends, darkness and light. The secret places are filled with messages you need to explore with which you will be enabled to learn new abilities in order to be able to go on with your mission along hidden paths. The more messages you can reach the more abilities you will have to fulfill the exploration.

Essence is a fabulous journey into a magic and unique wonderland, where you can completely forget about yourself, jumping into the world of this game. As for me, it made me remember the famous movie, Neverending Story, where the young boy could dive into the book and form the story as he wished. Of course Essence is not similar to this film, but your feelings are the same! It is really worth playing with it! I must confess it was my favorite one! 


Top VR games to play from your couch

Guardian Arena

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR 

The Guardian Arena is the second game I would like to show you. This game was developed by the Australian Purple Squid Games. It doesn’t belong to the first-person view games, as it uses a floating camera point of view. The description says you have a feeling as if you were a god and from this perspective you could observe the game. They wanted to leave behind the general VR experiences in order to reach their aim for a fast game-play. You can play with it in all setups and modes, such as seated, room scale, standing, gamepad or controllers – which is really great and useful, because with this innovative solution there will the paved path for games like Sim City to be created in VR. I am thinking of things like placing buildings with my hands, or grab and form ground with my fingers. Wow, it will be fantastic, right? So, we can say the Guardian Arena may be a pioneer game when compared to the older non-VR games. As for me, I can hardly wait new developments for it!


Fallout for VR games

Fallout 4

HTC Vive

Fallout 4 is the third game I am speaking about now. It was developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It has a great advantage that moving in large areas happens with teleportation reducing nausea with this idea. I welcomed it because sometimes I felt dizzy when moving in large areas. I did even if I played non-virtual games on PC. Fallout 4 got pretty good reviews even when the demo was released last summer. It can be played in first-person view. Now, let’s check its advantages! The base-building, crafting systems and characters are deep, and we can find the classic Fallout black humor and tone. The post apocalyptic world is odd but amazing. The gameplay is action packed and tactical. Nevertheless, we need to mention some of its cons. The facial animation is unconvincing, and loading time is long. At last, but not the least, you really need to put some effort to learn the systems. 


Star Trek VR game

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR 

Star Trek fans must welcome this game happily! Have you ever wished to sit in the Captain’s cockpit and cry out “Red Alert”? If so, your dreams have come true with Bridge Crew. This game is developed by Ubisoft in perfect VR. Without a shadow of a doubt its great advantage that this game is a real team-work. There are four players in the game: Captain, Tactical, Engineering and Helm. Every one of you has your crucial tasks and jobs, so it’s not only the captain that is the most important person. You need several tasks, one of them is to raise fire weapons, shields, repair the ship, or fix it. Your mission is to discover a new area called The Trench in order to find a new land and home for refugee Vulcans. I think every Star Trek fans are convinced to try Bridge Crew, if not there are demos and trailers can be seen. Nobody will be disappointed. 


Top VR game Syren


HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR 

At last, but not least we are mentioning Syren by Hammerhead. I must admit this was not my favorite one, as I don’ like horror. Syren is definitely a survival horror game. It is a brutal tale of virtual terror and I recommend this game only for those who aren’t terrified by these kinds of games.  It reminded us of Dead Space and Abyss because of its underwater set with futuristic design. Its story is pretty alike Jurassic Park, as scientist have created, or recreated Syrens, mermaids of a lost and ancient civilization, but everything turns bad. Syren is the first VR game of Hammerhead, since they made VR films, but if we take a glance of Syren we can see the brilliant beginning in this field. Syren does work well, although we must mention some of its disadvantages. As you easily complete the game in a few hours, therefore you may find the experience too short. So we can say Syren must be polished for a while in order to have an outstanding experience. Finally, we should mention sound. Sounds are inevitably important for the horror experience, but Syren’s screaming and the sounds at all seem to come through a corridor towards you – and it’s pretty annoying. It still needs some developing. But all in all, siren is a very good game for those who enjoy horror.

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  1. Harshwardhan Singh

    Sep 11. 2017

    Fallout 4 is simply superb, have been playing it since a long time.

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    Sep 13. 2017

    Fallout 4 is a good game to play anywhere. It challenges you with exciting adventures.

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