Toshiba LX830 Review

To acquire the best all-in-one desktop, you need to find the best one in all the available offerings. This statement may contain jocular word play, but the underlying message is completely true. And it seems Toshiba claims to have indeed found the best desktop computer breed your money can buy – the Toshiba LX830.

All In One PC Toshiba LX830

The Toshiba LX830 comprises a range of 3 impressively equipped desktop all-in-ones that features a surprisingly inexpensive starting model. A review of this $900 model follows eventually shedding light on the range’s overall capabilities.

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Main Specifications

  • Intel dual-core i32370M processor [going up to quad-core and i7 in higher models]
  • 23-inch widescreen TruBrite LED display, 1080-pixel (HD) support
  • 1TB hard drive, 8GB RAM [going up to 2TB  and 16 GB in higher models]
  • Intel-enabled mobile HD graphics
  • Windows 7 Home Premium64-bitsystem
  • USB sleep and charge function
  • HDMI supportToshiba LX830 All in One Desktop PC Specification


The Toshiba LX830 is an appealing blend of pleasing looks and compact construction. A smart dark gray dominates most of the upper, side, and back chassis – these segments constitute the large display as also the various computer controls all neatly positioned. The LX830 culminates in an equally stylish sliver base portion housing two well-entrenched grille speakers. The desktop comes with a wireless mouse and a fully-featured wireless keyboard with a 10-key numeric keypad – effectively negating any cable clutter.Moreover, just one cord need be connected to power the desktop underlining the overall minimalism.

The screen merits increased focus. The 23-inch LED display renders a remarkable 1920 by 1080-pixel resolution which, with the Intel-enabled graphics, enables one to enjoy true high definition content. The display is armed with numerous other facets like TruBrite know-how, 16:9 widescreen output, brightness options, and the ability to be rotated easily for enhanced viewing. Toshiba has also introduced touchscreen variants of the LX830 to supplement input.Toshiba LX830 All in One Desktop PC - Black - Side View

Performance Overview

The dual-core Intel i3 2370M configuration drives the LX830’s central processor; the processor is boosted by the presence of 8GB of DDR3 RAM having a 1333-MHz capacity. Together, these deliver excellent operating speed and multitasking faculties. The computer is bolstered by a generous 1TB of hard disk (Serial ATA) outputting 5900 revolutions per minute. This is augmented by the included memory card reader permitting the smooth exchange of files between compatible devices.

Besides the high-quality screen, the product manifests a top-notch audio framework comprising Onkyo-branded stereo know-how and SRS Premium three-dimensional sound.

The Toshiba LX830 also incorporates the Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) operating system with service pack 1 for heightened operating efficiency.

Toshiba has ensured that the device meets reputable environmental standards – the LX830 adheres to both Energy Star 4.0 and EPEAT Gold standards. In addition, the company equips the desktop with an intuitive vigil system named “Health Monitor” that notifies users of any performance-related issue prompting them to take remedial action.Toshiba LX830 Desktop Performance

Other Features

The LX830 is loaded with connectivity aspects. Besides the aforementioned memory cards slot, the computer system includes:

  • Four USB 2.0 ports
  • Three USB 3.0 ports for faster data exchange
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
  • A 1GB Ethernet connection option for improved networking
  • An HDMI-in port
  • Bluetooth (4.0)

The USB mechanism embeds a unique “sleep and charge” functionality that facilitates users to charge their devices or enjoy music even when the desktop is switched off.

  • To get the best viewing pleasure, the Toshiba LX830 has an inbuilt dual-layer DVD super-multi drive with Blu-ray support. The mechanism boasts the facility to upgrade standard definition content into much higher resolutions.
  • The built-in web camera enables video calls and self-photography.


The Toshiba LX830 model is indeed a mouthwatering prospect for buyers looking for a comprehensive and good looking all-in-one desktop system.

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    Well That’s great! i am regularly following your articles. Like becoming a fan…..

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    I like this Toshiba LX series

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    Sep 16. 2013

    I have this computer. I love it. I play alot of hd movie and it comes out perfectly. I plan on buying a newer model soon.

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