Ways to Optimize Your Blog Today and Get Amazing Results


Search engine optimization has become essentially important for every business. Despite the enormous potential these blogs can posses; many times bloggers fail to use them to their advantage. A SEO friendly blog can help to bring in the correct leads which in turn can benefit us in numerous ways. They hold a huge potential for directing traffic as well as improving the website ranking onsite.

However, the above mentioned benefits are possible only if this advantage is used in the correct way. Doing the bare minimum of maintaining blog post won’t do any good, as it also needs to be taken constant care of along with some precautions to produce the desired results. Let us walk you through the top 5 ways to make your blog posts a gold mine:

blog optimization tips

Keyword Research

One of the most important key factors to make your blog attract the required traffic is the keywords. They are one of the most high value factors in terms of online marketing.  Sometimes it’s just not about getting visitors on your blog but also about getting the right visitors. One has to make sure to use the relevant keywords pertaining to their niche otherwise the traffic being generated might not turn out to be useful at all.

SEO search is an ever evolving art of the job. One has to keep on looking out for the latest trends and terms in order to make sure that they do not miss out on the latest keywords. One can always hire dedicated resources for making sure that they can help you on this front. One needs to keep experimenting with the keywords in order to make sure that they keep on attracting the right kind of visitors.  Make sure that the keywords you use are quite diverse. You just cannot keep using the same keywords as your competitors. You can create your own keywords or maybe use a keyword search tool for different varieties to stand out among the common.

keyword research

Use of Social Media

If you are not yet into doing this, you have been missing out a huge chunk of traffic and visitors. Social media is considered to be a hub of people where you can come across a lot of visitors who can turn out to be your potential client. Social media networking such as Facebook, Twitter etc can help your blog get the desired amount of traffic. One can also use LinkedIn, a professional networking site which can also serve the purpose of  attracting the right kind of visitors as people only sign up to the relevant accounts unlike social media.

One just needs to provide a line or two of content about the context of the blog along with the given link and an image to rouse interest of the visitor. It will help you to increase your traffic and get relevant leads accordingly. Do make sure to have the social media sharing buttons on your blog which can ensure that the visitors can easily share the links of these sites on their social media.

use of social media

Content is a priority

It is important to understand that none of the efforts will turn out to be fruitful if the content provided is not up to the mark and relevant enough for Google to crawl the content and provide them to the visitors during the relevant search being performed by a person.

One always thinks of how Google or any other webpage determine the relevancy of the content. It usually uses algorithms to determine what will be the most relevant answer to your search.  Hence it is important to make sure that the content is relevant and interspersed with the keywords at the right intervals. It is very important to know what you want to write about. Make a note of outlining the structure of what you want to convey to the audience. A poorly written content can result in decreasing the traffic

In case if you are not quite sure, you can look out for hiring professional resources that can help you with the relevant topics and the informative context. The content should be unique and not copied or picked up from a different source.

If you are providing images along with the text, make sure that it is optimized by inserting keywords in the file name or using a keyword rich description of the photo. It is also of utmost importance that you blog on regular intervals.

content is priority

Utilization of Keywords

Using of keywords is important but that should be in moderation. As heard before that anything in excess can be harmful, so does the same for keyword utilization. One requires using either one or two long tail keywords within the post. Stuffing the blog with numerous keywords can hurt the search engine’s process. Many often times, people think that they can gain ranking in the terms of organic search. In such cases, the search engine usually considers such posts as scam which can harm the rankings of your website too.

These keywords can be used in the essential parts of your post which can be the headline, headers and body, URL and Meta description.  These places can be quite productive in helping you achieve the desired results in terms of traffic and ranking in the search engines. In terms of title, make sure to include the keyword within the first 65 characters of the title. In the header and the body of the blog, mention the keyword with the natural flow of the blog post. One can also optimize their URLs as it’s the first thing that a search engine crawls during the search.  You should look out for linking internally as much as possible.  In this way you can optimize your previous posts as well as keep the visitors within the pages of your website.


Mobile Friendly Blog

It has been some time ever since Google revealed that people use internet more on their phones than on computers. Since our world has become mobile oriented, it is imperative to develop the site that is mobile friendly. This has led to the creation of developing mobile friendly sites. The sites which have been optimized for mobile display come on top of it during the search made on mobile. The Google has been displaying the result ever since the algorithm was loaded into the search enginein 2015.

Although it started out as a factor in the terms of user responsiveness, mobile friendly user interface has slowly emerged as one of the topmost factors for SEO too. One should look out for it as it might be one of the reasons rankings suffer too.  Mobile responsiveness of a site is done in multiple ways. Improving the site speed, optimization of images etc.You will also have only one URL instead of two different ones – for desktop and mobile respectively. This will help in your blog post’s SEO because any inbound links can create difference within the rankings. Hence, a centralized ranking makes sure that the Google recognizes the value of your post and ranks it accordingly.

mobile optimized website

Optimization of the blog is not a day’s task. It takes over a period of time to go over these above mentioned points in order to produce the desired results for the SEO optimization of your blog posts.

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