Website Designing Trends you need to look for in 2017

Undoubtedly, the landscape of web design is constantly changing. Every day a new innovation takes place in this sector and the professionals quickly adopt it so that their clients can stay ahead of their competitors. Looking at the current market situation and rapid development of techs, something which looks fresh and modern today might appear outdated within one or two weeks. So, it becomes essential to stay abreast with all the latest trends surfacing in the web development market.

In this post, you will come across some trends that will give you an idea about which design factor or development process will remain in trending in the year 2017. Here’s the list below, check them out and improve your knowledge base.

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1. The official end of traditional web designs

The concept of traditional sites is quickly fading away. Usually, the traditional designs were all about making good looking websites that impress the audience. But web design is more than that, it’s now morphed into something bigger and better. The modern day web designers, don’t develop web portals that look good, instead, they try to come with layouts that tell a story or depict something.

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2. Conversational UI

It is not a new concept, the app users are pretty familiar with this design. Nowadays, business organizations are deploying chat bots to instantly solve the customer queries. So with this conversational UI in place, it becomes easier for the users to explain their issue and get the matter solved. The companies are now trying to use this concept for several other purposes.

the UI evolution

3. GIFs and other animations

A lot of websites and mobile applications are already using these animations but what new is that the GIF concept is also joining the mainstream that too at a rapid pace. Whatsapp (mobile app) and 9GAG (site) are the best examples where you can find these GIFs and animations. All these elements offer a richer product experience, explain a workflow or simply guide the users via the product usage.


4. Next gen responsive web designs

From mid-2016, the responsive designs are in trending. It is expected that this year, users will be seeing a new and better adaptive web layout. The advent of HTML5 and CSS3 are also helping in improving in responsive design. Moreover, the Google also changed its ranking algorithm to prioritize websites which come with an optimized content. All these things help in boosting the Google ranks. Content Mangement Systems like WordPress help to optimize user experience by using a theme engine.

responsive design


5. Minimalistic web design

In the year 2017, minimalism has been taken to the whole new level. So, instead of being hit directly with the homepage, users are presented with the minimized “cards”. These acts as the entry points from where the user can access more information. With a site having multiple cards can visually suggest a topic and entice users to click and explore further. Basically, people now want de-cluttered, simplistic, and visually explanatory web designs.

minimalistic design

6. Data visualization

Data and analytics have always been the important part of web development. Today both the big and small brands are offering their users a chance to check the stats for themselves. Presenting the data in a visually appealing manner also helps in increasing the user interaction which further leads to sale conversion. With colorful charts and tables in place, you can offer your customers with a rich user-experience.

data visualisation

7. Fewer stock photos, more authenticity

It is an interesting web design trend which is worth mentioning. It is quite simple but the best way to enhance the visual appeal of the portal. In the past few months, several stock photos have been taken down from the sites. It will be good if you use bespoke pictures which relate to the content published on your site or matches up with the business image.

8. Material design

Google has developed a material design which has steadily rolled out to the different applications, including the Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. The material design first came into existence in the year 2013 but it started trending in early 2017. It is a way of designing or creating a hierarchy of meaningful and important design which can draw the focus of the customers. The material design also helps in defining the user actions. The material design uses geometric shapes to enhance their site, create depth, and realism.

9. Typography goes big

Day by day, the typography is getting bigger and bolder. There is an increase in font styles and designs. The fonts have become more eye-catching, vibrant, colorful.


Summing up

In this post, you will come across nine web design trends that you will be witnessing in the year 2017. it’s recommended to hire the services of a skilled and experienced web designer who has an indepth understanding of all these concepts and offers you with the best services at affordable prices.


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