What Will You Use Your Home Printer For?

When you first think about buying a printer for your home you might wonder how much use you will give it. It is quite right that you consider this point before you part with your money and here are a few ideas which might get you started.

what you will do with your home printer

Print off E-Tickets

If you travel a lot then life will be a lot easier if you print off e-tickets for your trips. This means that you don’t need to wait for tickets to be issued through the post or go to a travel agent’s office to collect them.

Maybe you already book a lot of travel over the internet and have to print off your e-tickets in the office while the boss isn’t looking. By getting a printer in your home you can now do this in a much more relaxed way and without peering over your shoulder every 5 seconds.

Make Greetings Cards

A wonderful idea is to design and then print off your own greeting card for birthdays, weddings, Christmas and any other special event which you want one for.

This is an interesting hobby and it is easy to do nowadays as well. You can get software for this or you can also go online to find a website which suits you. This approach lets you produce cards which are far more special than the ones which you can buy in the shops. One issue you may worry about here is the cost of doing a lot of printing on a regular basis. Apart from the paper your biggest expense is going to be on your toner use. Thankfully this isn’t going to cost you as much as you might fear.

For a start, you can get hold of remanufactured toner cartridges easily enough on the internet. This will keep the cost of your printing down even if you find yourself making a number of cards every month. A good place to start to get some figures is on the toners4less.co.uk website.

Store Your Old Photos

So far we have only looked at printing options and it is clear that there are some uses you might not have thought of before now.

However, the situation gets even more interesting when we look at multifunction printers. These models will often have extra features such as a fax, a photocopier or a scanner. You may not use all of these features regularly but they are useful to have.

The scanner can be especially interesting if you are a keen photographer. Many of us have old photo albums which it would be nice to have in a digital format. By scanning the photos onto your PC you can store them a lot more safely and also share them with friends and family whenever you want to.

What about yourself? What will you use your home printer for? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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2 Responses to “What Will You Use Your Home Printer For?”

  1. microSDXC

    May 15. 2013

    of course i bought printer is for office job guys 🙂

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  2. Kevin

    May 21. 2014

    I could see the scanner getting more use than the printer. Being a student I end up printing small projects at the library more often and all others at a print shop. It might be nice for quick things on the go though.

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