fix Exchange Server issues

How to overcome some of the most common Exchange Server issues

The Exchange environment is complex and prone to problems that can affect performance – ranging from database mounting issues to Exchange Server crashes. Technically proficient Exchange administrators can overcome these difficulties using inbuilt Exchange features, ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Which is better?

The iPhone-Samsung war has been in place since a very long time now and both phones undoubtedly dominate the consumer market. While it is true that Apple never fails to amaze its users, Samsung also surpasses all the expectations that phone freaks have from their ... Continue Reading →
browser games 2016

Browser Games, and the Computers you Need to Run Them

Back in the day, when the internet was still young and innocent, a new development platform hit the market. With a well-sounding name – Macromedia Flash – and easy to learn, it has become the go-to game development platform. Thousands, if not millions ... Continue Reading →
anytrans app review

Product Review: AnyTrans 5

For most Apple users, when coming to migrate data, the most traditionally used tool is iTunes. But some may have found iTunes unable to grab their heart when some special transfer needs appear. It’s like: you can’t add a single song or any other selected files ... Continue Reading →
PowerPoint Video Presentations with Movavi PowerPoint

How to Create PowerPoint Video Presentations with Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

Do you like to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations? Nowadays it is hands down the most widely-used presentation software, and is an excellent way to create great-looking presentations due to how effective as well as user-friendly it is. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please ... Continue Reading →
Google Project Tango Phone

10 Super Cool Gadgets at CES 2016

CES this year was nothing like before! It was as if the products of really witty brains (and hard work) had been brought under one roof. Gadgets ranging from 3D printers, and health-oriented items to drones and AR/VR headsets, we found the most remarkable of gadgets ... Continue Reading →
Pokémon Go Overview and Impact

Pokémon Go Overview and Impact

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game with the free-to-play feature. It is developed by Niantic. Recently this game was been launched in selected countries and the gamers play this game on their mobile devices with the access of GPS in order to trace, capture, ... Continue Reading →
excel repair

How to Repair Corrupt Excel File 2016

Corruption in Microsoft Excel file is automatically detected by Microsoft and File Recovery mode automatically begins. This mode attempts to repair the corrupted workbook. If, in case, File Recovery mode is not started, manual workaround procedures can be initiated ... Continue Reading →
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