apps to improve early retirement chances

These Apps May Help You Retire Early

If you’ve grown so fed up with the phrase “there’s an app for that” that you’re ready to throw up your hands, walk away, and retire early to get away from it all, well, congratulations; there’s an app for that as well! Let’s ... Continue Reading →
Tech Startup planning

Tech Startup: A Guide to Launching

Starting a new business is harder than it looks at first and having a great idea is rarely enough, or even close to enough. With so many things and details you have to consider and take into account, you should be more than careful when starting a new venture because ... Continue Reading →
internet of things home security

How IoT Is Changing Home Security

Have you seen those commercials on television for a cable/Internet provider that shows some dad or mom using their mobile phone to control all of the lights and locks? In fact, one particular commercial even shows a faucet that was left running by one of the kids ... Continue Reading →
apple iphone 6 and 6 plus

Review : iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has  unveiled its two versions of iPhone series. The iPhone 6 comes in 4.7-inch display screen and iPhone 6 Plus  comes in 5.5-inch display. As from the size it becomes clear that both the iPhones are bigger enough to hold in one hand easily. This creates ... Continue Reading →
big data

Using Cloud Computing to Promote the Green Movement

Cloud technology is helping green organizations promote eco-friendliness by practicing environmentally sustainable computing on a daily basis. Considering IT and the equipment that follows takes its toll on the environment, eco-organizations going green with their ... Continue Reading →
Two Messaging Giants Whatsapp And Viber

Contrasting Highlights Of Two Messaging Giants Whatsapp And Viber

The idea of texting, ruled our technological and mobile world for over decades. Telecommunication companies around the world have won billions worth of revenue through the use of constant texting by users, in order to interact with their folks and loved ones. The ... Continue Reading →
business card

Is The Business Card Obsolete?

Today’s high-tech world has made communication easier than ever. This has left many people wondering whether they still need business cards. Before recycling your cards, take some time to learn more about how people use business cards today. You don’t ... Continue Reading →
final label

Easily Design Labels Online with Labeley (for Free)

It is easy to get lost in the insurmountable pile of web tools. That’s why users categorize them by what they find important: complexity, user-friendliness, usability, visual effect, price, etc. Tools that usually attract a lot of different types of users are ... Continue Reading →
social networking linkedin career

Advance Your Career Using LinkedIn

People throw around the word “networking” a lot, but not always with anything to actually say about how to do it. “Oh, you have to network,” everyone advises, but how do you go about accomplishing it in today’s tech climate? Fortunately, ... Continue Reading →
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