george orwell's Internet of things reality

George Orwell And The Internet Of Things

In George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, the government spies on society in a number of ways, including technology, specifically the omnipresent two-way telescreens. Even though not all social classes endure the same level of surveillance, privacy is pretty much ... Continue Reading →
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing: Advantages and the Reasons behind Outsourcing

When business owners optimize their businesses to attain value creation, and manage finances better, it is known as business process outsourcing (BPO). BPO is a great way to get quality service at cost-effective prices. This is the reason why it is getting popularity ... Continue Reading →
Self-Relevant Content on Facebook

Why Do We Publish Self-Relevant Content on Facebook

There was a series of studies in which it was claimed that Facebook reduced the actual interaction between people. There were scientists who claimed that social networks does not help us to be happier. That is space for narcissists. And now, a new research reveals ... Continue Reading →
room5 webinar press release

Press release for Room5: Free Webinar 21 October 2014

It feels nice now a days many people are talking about the Internet of Things. Though it really sounds nice where we can get connected to each and every object/ entity in this universe with this so called Internet of Things but there are many practical issues that ... Continue Reading →
Converting Email Customers on Mobile and Computers

Converting Email Customers on Mobile and Computers

Smartphones have officially taken over the world, and if your email marketing hasn’t adapted to that yet, you’re likely missing out on some significant conversion opportunities. With more than half of emails now being opened on mobile devices, you need ... Continue Reading →
recover data files

Solve data Damage or corruption Issues in QuickBooks 2014 Files

Accounting consists of very important and useful information, and QuickBooks helps us manage that data. There could be many possibilities of data corruption with QBW file. In order for QuickBooks file repair, you can use its inbuilt utility. Here are the steps ... Continue Reading →
Digital Marketing social media trends changes in 2014

Social Analytics Trends That Are Changing The Digital Marketing

Companies and brands started using social media analytics as one of the cornerstones of their campaigns. These companies, brands and professionals are part of the first generation of social marketing. Today we have already entered the third generation, and the ... Continue Reading →
essential design design elements

7 Essential Web Design Elements Novice Designers Must Know About

Are you a novice in the business of web design? If yes, read on. It’s no secret that today a web designer needs to have more than just good skills and sound technical knowledge to craft successful websites.  Web designing has experienced dramatic growth ... Continue Reading →
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