data backup crisis ahead

Are You Ready For A Disaster

Winter is coming, which means there is a disaster just waiting to happen. There are dramatic things like huge blizzards that result in power outages, ice storms that make for hazardous travel and structural damage to buildings and wires, and bitter cold that freezes ... Continue Reading →
apple mac book

Don’t Let Your Macbook Get Damaged Or Destroyed, Protect It With A Laptop Skin

Remember the life you hadbefore you got your brand new Macbook? Maybe you were writing all your emails at the public library or working overtime so you could begin your personal side project after your office closed for the day. Maybe you were trying to write a ... Continue Reading →
Twitter Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are officially saturated

If you regularly read this blog, you are not supposed to know that Facebook is the most popular social platform by far (Facebook is the first of twenty-first century portal). An overwhelming dominance gives them the right to impose their own rules, particularly ... Continue Reading →
touch screen technology market

Touchscreen Devices Dominate the Technology Market

The popularity of touchscreen devices is something that cannot be denied. Practically everyone owns touchscreen technology today, whether that be a smartphone, a tablet PC, a touchscreen laptop, a camera, or a touchscreen television. It’s even been reported that ... Continue Reading →
html to pdf

HTML to PDF Conversion in Easy Steps

Dissemination of content can be accomplished only by making it available as PDF. In many organizations these days, it is mandatory to provide print format documents. This is where the wheel gets stuck. You see, the only webpage printing may not suffice especially ... Continue Reading →

How The Cloud Is Changing Building Design

When you think of building design, the image that most comes to mind is that of an architect at their designing board, using pencils, protractors, and rulers on huge rolled up blueprints. But this is the twenty-first century, and just like so many other industries ... Continue Reading →
accounting apps

Best Free Tools For Home Business Accounting

In this modern world, the ways of doing business totally change with the advancement of internet technology. There are many businesses run from home now days. For these types of businesses, free tools are working as employees. Free and user friendly tools gives ... Continue Reading →
winning new clients

6 Tips for Presenting to and Winning New Clients

When you are trying to win the branding project of a new client you need to present to them. It is not good enough to send over a file by email telling them what you can do, you need to engage with them. Presenting a project to clients is about ensuring they understand ... Continue Reading →
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