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Aimersoft PDF Password Remover Online Review

If you need to crack the PDF password and you want to get it done online without having to install any software program on your PC, then Aimersoft PDF Password Remover Online is for you. You can use it to decrypt any PDF files that are protected by an owner password ... Continue Reading →

How to manage multiple Dropbox accounts on Android

In the newest version of B1 File Manager 0.5 the network options were extended beyond FTP and SMB, so now it’s possible to manage your cloud storage account as if you’re managing files inside your local storage. The first cloud storage that B1 File Manager ... Continue Reading →

Afraid of Loosing Your Android Mobile Phone? Here is the Solution

With the evolution of anti theft mobile security for android devices, you are rest assured that your android device is secured. Your device being secured does not mean if you carelessly throw your phone inside water it wont damage or if you carelessly misplace ... Continue Reading →
unmanned solar powered drone

Future Google Internet Drone – Solara 50 Titan Aerospace

Following the line of major technology industry fusions with U.S. Internet giant Facebook and friends from the valley of California as well as Amazon speeding up their drone delivery system, Google just bought Titan Aerospace, an high-altitude drone maker company ... Continue Reading →
mobile app developer operating system review

Choosing the Smartphone OS that Allows Easy Development of Mobile Apps

Launching a new app in the market is no longer as simple as it used to be even a couple of years ago. With so many different operating systems effective in the Smartphone arena these days, deciding on where to launch an app has become really difficult for developers. ... Continue Reading →
sme business applications for mobile usage

Small Business Apps Mobile Chart

This interesting infographic arrived us this week showing the best small business apps which are currently used by many productive mobile users on our connected planet. To give you a summary of the essence of this user app chart, the winning app of each category ... Continue Reading →
android apps to secure and backup your android device data

6 Android Apps for Smartphones For Backing Up Text Messages

Below are six apps that you can use to back up your sms text messages. They each have slightly different features and some of the ones below will back up other types of information too. There is a nice mix, with only one of the apps requiring a rooted phone. All ... Continue Reading →
plan your business and invention with the help of modern crowdfunding platforms

How Crowdfunding May Help Kickstart Your Business

Picture this: you and your friends have this awesome idea for a startup business, and you’re sure it’ll be a hit. You have the brains, the idea, the talent, and the passion; the only thing you don’t have is the money, and that’s one hellacious ... Continue Reading →
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