PDF to Word App

PDF to Word App – New Update and Many Perks to Discover

Did you know that there are 2.2 million available apps on the App Store and that there are even more applications on the Google Play – 2.8 million of them? Well, now you know it. That’s a huge number of different iOS and Android apps: some of them are really ... Continue Reading →
using technology for writing

Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Writing Skills

Most of us have a desire to be a part of the list of reputed writers. We all want to become the Shakespeare and Sylvia Plath of the coming era. This is why we keep on brushing up our writing skills. Much to your happiness, technology also plays a vital role in ... Continue Reading →

Some important things you probably didn’t know about WWW, Domain, and Hosting

During December 1989, PSI Net started its services in North Virginia. That was the first ISP of the world and with it began the journey of the internet. Today, thinking of the world without internet is simply impossible. The first instance of WWW It was in Cern ... Continue Reading →
iphone history

The World 10 Years After the Launch of the iPhone

This June 29th, a full decade will have passed since Greg Packer, the first iPhone user that wasn’t an Apple employee has purchased his smartphone at the 5th Avenue “Glass Cube” Apple Store in New York City. Products similar to the iPhone, mostly ... Continue Reading →
road safety technology

Five Technological Advances That Have Improved Road Safety

Remember the year 2001? Doesn’t seem like that long ago, right? It was the beginning of a new year, new century, and the new millennia. Now if you can, try to remember the car you were driving at that time (if you still have the same vehicle, great job!). If ... Continue Reading →
gaming headset review

What’s The Best Gaming Headset?

Music is the best medicine in the world. Music can refresh your mind and get you into a peaceful zone. It can boost your immunity cells and enrich your blood flow. It can cure stress and depression. If you are searching for a best gaming headsets then stick on ... Continue Reading →
whiteboard animation video

5 Disastrous mistakes that can ruin your whiteboard animation video

Abstract: We have made a list of the top 5 whiteboard animation mistakes below, that you must avoid if you want to successfully launch a new product or a new business. The whiteboard video animation is the new trend in the market, used for promoting your product ... Continue Reading →
business by smartphone

How your Salespeople could Better Use a Smartphone

We live in a world filled with pocket-sized computers – smartphones – sitting in almost every pocket. They are among the most craved gadgets of our generation thanks to their incredible entertainment capabilities. But smartphones are good for more than ... Continue Reading →
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