Gadget Review: Smart LED Bulb with BT Speaker App

In our gadget review series, we are happy today to show you a nice modern smart LED bulb with integrated Bluetooth speaker device. Thanks to 1byOne, this nice gadget has been shipped to us for a review. The smart  bulb packaging comes in a tiny black box. On the ... Continue Reading →
SEO Trends 2016

Top SEO Trends to Look out for in 2016

2015 has seen many interesting developments in everything that concerns search optimization industry: from the penalization of websites neglecting their mobile visitors to the changes in the Google algorithm of quality assessment. As always, the industry doesn’t ... Continue Reading →
print technology history

Interactive Storymap – The History of Print Technology

Today, we got a nice story map that shows the history of print technology chronologically. The story map starts in 618-906 (A.D.) in China where the Chinese people used to print on carved wooden blocks. This era marks the first occurence of printed images. The ... Continue Reading →

Top Road Trip Apps

Nothing beats getting out onto the open road. With the windows rolled down and the radio at maximum volume, it is without a doubt the best way to spend your summer. To help you on your travels, we have compiled what we think are the best road trip apps to make ... Continue Reading →
PDF for mac review

PDF Editors for MAC

The PDF has become popular and widely used by many Computer users currently, PDF mostly used for publishing and they are digitalized form of documents we have on the internet, such as e-book, Tutorial, presentation, and many more. Basically PDF document is widely ... Continue Reading →
Tech Entrepreneur are setting out to shake up the World

Tech Entrepreneur are setting out to shake up the World of Brick and Mortar

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs are seeking to revolutionize the brick and mortar industry. Sadly, in today’s advanced tech world, the property technology segment hasn’t received a lot of praise. Throughout the year 2014, investors from around the world put a colossal ... Continue Reading →
web hosting

Get your Brand Introduced Globally with Web Hosting Services

The unprecedented growth opportunities are there in the field of online business. Globally it’s getting massive popularity, in general, users’ wants that their websites should be able to grab the customers’ attention and gain good rankings in all the search ... Continue Reading →
technology employee computer

How Technology is Helping in Constructing An Employee Training Plan Template?

If you need an employee training plan template, then SalesForce is perhaps one of the best things you could use to assist you. This system has a variety of tools and apps to make the process quicker and easier than it otherwise would be. With this in mind, we’re ... Continue Reading →
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