How to Convert Lotus Notes Emails to Thunderbird

How to Convert Lotus Notes Emails to Thunderbird

IBM Notes, popularly as Lotus Notes, has been a pioneer in the vertical of email clients since its introduction in the year 1989. Apart from the feature of emailing, Lotus Notes has an extensive range of other application as well. Most of the organizations do not ... Continue Reading →

Gadget Review: Outdoor Sport and Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

In our gadget review series for testing modern tech gadgets, we are happy today to review the following outdoor sport and portable Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. Thanks to 1byOne, this nice gadget has been shipped to us for a review. We’ve tested the gadget and will ... Continue Reading →
Moto G 3rd Generation

3 Awesome Smart Deals That You Can Get From Flipkart

The advent of the online e-commerce has not only made shopping easier and fun but also has made it more exciting and cheaper. Most of the online shopping sites working in India announce various sale and festive offers every now and again and gives the online shoppers ... Continue Reading →

Innovations to Invade the Real Money Gaming World in 2016

Last year has seen the rise of a series of fresh technologies. Wearable devices have become more common, with smartwatches and fitness bands becoming a new standard. Virtual and augmented reality are taking huge steps toward becoming a standard, imposing themselves ... Continue Reading →
Business Constant Growth

Four Ways To Keep Your Business In A State Of Constant Growth

In general, the business owner’s professional dream is to keep her or his company in a state of constant growth. However, many corporate leaders find themselves constantly frustrated when they note that their businesses experience periods of ongoing stagnation. ... Continue Reading →
Managed File Transfer MFT

Can Managed File Transfer Meet Demands Pertaining To Your Organization?

Almost every company today has to deal with the increasing array of industry and legislative requirements, largely surrounding data protection. Every legislative directive mandates strict document protection requirements for particular kinds of information within ... Continue Reading →
ApplePay mobile payment

3 Reasons To Get Used To Paying With Your Phone

As of the beginning of 2016, making payments with a mobile device still feels like more of a fun little practice than a practical necessity. It’s a little bit reminiscent of the early days of Siri, or even the beginnings of the tablet market. You’d ... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You Won’t Wanna Buy iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Apple iPhone 6Plus Top 5 Reason you won’t wanna upgrade to iPhone 6 Plus Apple brand has the worldwide recognition as the astute manufacturer and provider of consumer electronics. For the several decades, everyone has precisely observed ... Continue Reading →
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