The Role of Marketing in the Modern Telemarketing

The Role of Marketing in the Modern Telemarketing

The role of telemarketing in the modern marketing: a balanced approach “inbound marketing” and “outbound marketing”. No matter what title they use, such as internal sales associated with customer specializing in telemarketing, business development ... Continue Reading →
apps for medical doctors

How Apps Helps Doctors Practice

Everyone can make use of apps. There is a dictum, often incorrectly attributed as coming from the Hippocratic Oath, which says “First, do no harm”. Nevertheless, it’s a good sentiment to adhere to, though its application extends beyond the doctor-patient ... Continue Reading →
GPS Fleet Management System

Uses of GPS Tracking System in Fleet Management

Fleet management deals in the management of vehicles and their drivers. The GPS technology has contributed a lot in fleet management. It has eventually made it easier for business owners in the best possible manner. It is vital to track the location of vehicles ... Continue Reading →
voip ivr systems

What is IVR system: Everything You Need to Know

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), technology permits callers to directly interact with communication system of a company over a telephone system. It simplifies the process by allowing a caller to enter information to a database and also get information from ... Continue Reading →
How Digital Signage Is A Must-Have Solution For All Leading Businesses

How Digital Signage Is A Must-Have Solution For All Leading Businesses

About ten years ago, I worked in the sign-making business. We produced custom and hand-painted signage for a variety of businesses at a relatively high price, and we were always guaranteed to have work because the businesses we produced this content for would always ... Continue Reading →
SEO tutorial

5 Tried and Tested SEO Success Techniques

The economic landscape has witnessed some dramatic alterations in the recent times. Although, a multitude of marketing tactics have evolved over the past few years, SEO still remains one of the most effective and viable choice of internet promotional strategies. ... Continue Reading →
social web design

5 Striking Web Design Trends That Are Here to Stay

Quite a few of the most prominent design trends of the past, such as mobile versions of websites and text-heavy pages, are dying a rapid death. As they go, several alternatives are popping up to replace them. While designers explore these options to find what works ... Continue Reading →

2014’s Hottest High-Tech Home Gadgets

It seems more advanced and more efficient household appliances and gadgets appear on the scene every single day. For better or worse, we live in a culture that desires, and often relies on, handy gadgets to make our lives easier and more fun. Our unquenchable thirst ... Continue Reading →
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