minitool partition wizard

Review for MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 9.1

A Free Disk Partitioning Tool Better Than Windows Disk Management. Have you ever been put in a situation where Windows built-in Disk Management tool fails to help? Guess the answer of most people is positive. All kinds of third-party disk & partition management ... Continue Reading →
The Importance of Manipulating PDF Files Properly

The Importance of Manipulating PDF Files Properly

In order to adequately utilize the full potential of all digital documents, a user has to have a certain degree of knowledge which will aid him in every step of the way. The landscape of modern technologies is ever-changing at a breathtaking pace with a constant ... Continue Reading →
Mobile App Development Trends 2017

These 5 Mobile App Development Trends Will Sustain This Year

The instant rise in smartphone numbers has led to a surge for the mobile apps to use on them. Only Google play has over 2.2 million apps while Apple’s app store on the contrary has over 2 million apps. These numbers show that how adhesive smartphones are ... Continue Reading →

Outlook SCANPST.EXE Missing OLMAPI32.DLL Error – Fixed

Nowadays, Outlook is widely used for sending or receiving emails over the internet. This email client also stores other information like contacts, tasks, calendar, etc. and it stores all these information in PST file format. Sometimes, PST file becomes corrupt ... Continue Reading →
task manager

How to Manage Startup Programs in Windows 10, 8 & 7

The list of startup items that starts when you boot your computer makes the difference in its speed. Certain heavy or infected programs makes your system startup process slow and consumes lot of system resources. These programs also run in the background of the ... Continue Reading →
Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

Both Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories are very popular and are now in a constant battle to take control of the market. Both features are similar in many ways but have their own little twists on what is now a very familiar means of communication. The concept ... Continue Reading →
DIY Website Designing

5 Biggest Mistakes in DIY Website Designing

Numerous business owners are apt to produce their webs themselves since it hoards them a petite notes. Yes, if you have taut resources, it may be idyllic for you in the commencement. But let’s sense bigger! When a latent customer finds your business, the after ... Continue Reading →
web design tips

Use Of Negative Space In Logo Design

Negative space is white space with no content, even though it does not have to be always white. In other words, it is space between elements, which are usually texts and images (positive space). Although negative space seems to be accidental, it actually helps ... Continue Reading →
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