Internet blog typewriter

Creating a Profitable Blog: Everyone is Doing it

The business world has evolved into a hybrid of sorts, blending together a lucrative mix of virtual entrepreneurial endeavors and brick-and-mortar establishments requiring no more than a concoction of ingenuity and perhaps a couple small business loans from ... Continue Reading →
Online Payment Processing

A Glimpse into the World of Internet Merchant Credit Card Processing

Every merchant ought to get their game right in the highly competitive environment that prevails nowadays. It is very important not only to keep pace with the changing trends in your niche, but also to define them when you can. While most successful merchants make ... Continue Reading →
Protect social media accounts from man in the middle hacks

Protect Social Media Accounts from Man in the Middle Hacks

With new data breaches happening all the time, like the now infamous Fappening, it is becoming more and more important to protect your online activity. Since so much of our lives are now on social media, steps should be taken to defend against even the most basic ... Continue Reading →
mobile phones

Can Mobile Apps Be Used as Evidence?

It seems that everyone these days has a plethora of mobile apps, and at least one device to run them on. It doesn’t seem to matter which side of the law you’re on — both sides are escalating their efforts to outdo the other in terms of technology ... Continue Reading →

What methods do quality Magento Developers use to achieve marketing success?

There is no denying that Magento developers are in high demand. It is of no surprise either. After all, Magento is one of the most popular and successful ecommerce platforms. Not only is it an open source solution, but it is frequently updated and boasts a whole ... Continue Reading →
lotus notes e-mail to outlook

Overview about Email Client and Role of NSF to PST Converter

Although, both the email clients offer users with exceptional features but Outlook takes the lead as it proves to be an economic email client and organizations always rely upon the resources that saves them money and time. So, if an organization decides to completely ... Continue Reading →
SQL database recovery

Product Review for SysTools SQL Database Recovery

As a DBA, my main responsibility is to keep the database live under all circumstances. Recently, I came up with a complex issue that involves SQL Error 5235. The complexity was that there are different states of errors existing under this error code. So, to identify ... Continue Reading →
image ocr text recognition

Tips to convert images into editable documents

You have any hard copy of an image or some content, which you are keen to edit it. So, what would be the best way do so? Well to answer this question, the best way to do so come in the form of converting the image into editable word document one. Well, this can ... Continue Reading →
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