security camera tips

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Positioning your Outdoor Security Camera

When it comes to installing surveillance camera, most of us make a lot of mistakes. If things are going good, you can always ignore the consequences of these installation mistakes. But in case of a bad situation, these errors could create huge complications for ... Continue Reading →
process automation

The 5 ‘one man show’ of Window Automation Software Industry

Tired of manually updating your Windows and performing other tasks such as filling online forms, submitting forms,  FTP transfers, read and write data to excel files or connect to SQL database for update process, harvesting data from web pages etc. You need something ... Continue Reading →
SEO vs. Social

Is The Social Media Really Important For The SEO?

Life without google and social media like twitter and facebook is beyond imagination in today’s world. For every question rather than opening a book, we prefer to do a google search. Google on its part also tries to give us the most accurate and relevant searches ... Continue Reading →
brand strategies

Building Your Personal Brand When You Work for Someone Else

Creating a successful personal brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes many years, hundreds of handshakes, and thousands of social posts to establish the brand of you. When you are working for someone else, with aspirations of being your own boss someday, there ... Continue Reading →