5 Disastrous mistakes that can ruin your whiteboard animation video

Abstract: We have made a list of the top 5 whiteboard animation mistakes below, that you must avoid if you want to successfully launch a new product or a new business.

The whiteboard video animation is the new trend in the market, used for promoting your product or business. It is a very useful method for targeting your audience, if used in the right way. However, if the following mistakes are not taken into consideration, then it can prove to be fatal for your promotions.

whiteboard animation video

There are many video styles you can opt to promote your product, and the whiteboard animation is the best among them.  They are engaging, entertaining to look at, and above all, they are educational. Nevertheless, if not done properly, then a whiteboard, animation video will leave a bad impact on your audience, and you don’t want that to happen to your business or promotion, or do you? Try to avoid these mistakes, by reading further. You need to leave a positive impact on your audience so that they always come back to your website.

1. Not Targeting Your Audience

If your video leaves a question mark on the minds of the audience, then, surely there is something missing. Your whiteboard animation video was not targeted to the right audience; thus, the message was conveyed to the wrong group and they failed to understand because it’s not their forte. You MUST narrow down your video to the target audience, and create a message accordingly and try to reach your target audience.

2. Not Connecting The Drawings

No connection across the drawings is another hazardous mistake. The concept behind the whiteboard animation video is that the story flows and is easily understood by the audience. However, if the illustrations are not connected then the entire concept gets lost. So, be careful when creating a whiteboard animation video by trying to join the drawings together.

3. Not Using A White Background

In whiteboard, animation video background, should ALWAYS be white. As the name suggests, no matter what happens, the background must be white. The animated marketing video style creates drawings on a whiteboard. This technique is used to tell your audience a specific story. Using a different color will make it a simple video to understand, but it won’t be a whiteboard video anymore.

4. Making It Too Colorful

Now, you have to very careful here. You don’t want to end up with a total black and white whiteboard animation, although, in reality, they are meant to be this way. But, adding a little tint of color to the drawings won’t do any harm. Try to add your brands colors in the whiteboard animation to attract the audience at the first glance.

5. Not Including The Hand Drawing

This drawing hand is the one related to the human artist. One of the most distinguishing features of a whiteboard animation that differs it from the other types of videos is the use of hands. If you are unable to include the (human) hand in your video, your whiteboard animation will certainly lose its charm and educational approach.


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This guest post is written my Melanie Mitchell

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