Embed Date and Timestamp to Photos with Auto Stamper

Okay so first let me ask you how many photos you capture a year? Quite huge one? Okay then in a month? Hardly remember? No Worries, the common problem faced by each and everyone now a days!

So what is the solution? No scratching your head won’t give you the solution for it.

All you need is to get a Simple App for your mobile phone and it is definitely going to make wonders happen for your photograph.

Auto Stamper for photo is that one in crowd for you! This Application has placed 105.2 Million+ lucrative stamps on pictures up to now and has satisfied users from every single corner of the globe.

This application gives you the solution to relive your memories forever with the help of its date and time stamp feature. All you need is to SELECT-TAP-ADD and your photo is ready to be immortal in your photo album forever.

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With, timestamp camera for photo you can not only markup your occassions but even rejoice your good times forever with exact date and time when it was captured.

Best use of it ?

No matter whether it is your graduation ceremony or your wedding day, you would definitely wish to preserve these special moments forever, right? Here’s when it will do it for you with just a click.

How to do it ?

Making up your work more simple and smooth, we have carried out steps which will improve your photo game very easily.

✔Install the App from Google Play Store.

✔Turn the date and time toggle On

✔Choose Date Format from the given catalog

✔Select your font size, font format as per your image look and feel

✔Pick your color from assortments of palette options

✔Place the stamp wherever you wish to form eight different corners

✔And bingo ! here your photo is ready!

Additionally, you are not sure about any of the above selections you can even preview your customized stamps before placing it permanently.

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Whats more ?

Here you are even offered 3 more stamping features to enhance your photo more beautifully.

Signature Stamp: You might be familiar with a phrase that a photo is worth adding a few words to it, correct? this app will even do it for you!

This feature is specially known for its multiple uses from adding a simple text to photos to polishing up your image like a pro with Trademark Stamp, Copyright Stamp as well as Company Name Stamp to it.

Watermark Logo:  We see so many pictures online with transparent layer of text as watermark on it, mostly it is done to protect images from getting copied or transcribed online without your permission.

If you have autostamper, then you don’t really need to have any other app for watermarking photos. Yes, it offers you this too! You can adjust the transparency level as per your image look as well as resize the watermark accordingly.

Gps Stamp: Ever wondered how your photo will look with exact gps location stamp to it? by adding this don’t require to find the location on maps and check-in with your photos while you share them online.

Just swipe the location toggle on and it will be added instantly. You can even customize your own location and place on your photo as you wish to.

If you are looking to add timestamp to your photos, than there can’t be a better stamping app than this combined with additional features in single install with numerous uses. Get it now and let us know how these stamps are useful for you!


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I am Disha Parchani and have a keen interest in writing about latest Android Apps, tools, discovering new aspects of digital marketing as well. When I’m not writing you will find me exploring different restaurants.

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