Future Technology Expected From Films

Some sci-fi films are full of amazing technology that looks like it would make our lives a lot easier, or just make us look awesome – imagine strolling around with a light sabre on your belt!

But is this technology all just fantasy, or could we really see some of it appearing in the shops? This graphic takes a look at the sci-fi tech that we might actually use some day soon.

Let’s have a look to some of the best science fiction films like Star Wars, Minority Report, her and The Matrix. Many future technologies are expected to be implemented and inspire inventors all over the world. The Internet connects them very well and leverages technology coorperations in an increasing run for gold.

We’ll see the first self-driving cars already driving on our roads and expect a lot of new inventions very soon.

Future Technology Expected From Films

Infographic Source shared by: vouchercloud

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    May 29. 2017

    Awesome and helpful post! Thanks for sharing this post. Nice tips shared.

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