How to Surf web Anonymously?

The internet has become a daily, mandatory activity for everyone from the average Joe to the millionaire owner of a big, multinational company; from a student to the dean of the most renowned college. All are slaves of the internet for their day-to-day work or sometimes just to have fun by playing games and connecting with friends via social networking sites.

How to surf internet anonymously

But anything trendy comes with various pros and cons. When internet surfing became popular and useful for people, it caught the eyes of many wicked hackers who started trying to get a hold on your confidential information.

What is Anonymous Web Surfing?

In this post I will guide you towards better and more secure ways of using the internet so that you feel safe and sure while transmitting your private information over the internet. You don’t need to be no technocrat to follow along. It starts by understanding that if you are able to hide your IP address, you can securely exchange your confidential information over the internet. In addition, anonymous web surfing becomes possible and has many advantages.

Anonymous web browsing and accessing restricted sites:

Many of you might know various ways of anonymous web browsing by using proxy servers. But proxy servers are discouraged for various reasons. Proxies are a good way to hide your identity but these might be of unknown origin putting you in bigger trouble. Using even the best of proxy server might lack ensured privacy.

So to ensure the safety of your confidential and private information, you should be using a trusted VPN software!

Out of all the VPN software available on the internet, Hotspot Shield VPN is amongst the best and hottest selling. It is a privacy and security tool, and works by forming an encrypting tunnel between your device and its remote server while your system is on a public, private or cellular network. Thus, you can share your data and browse privately
on the internet.

One just downloads and installs the software to reap the benefits – and it’s free! But lets have a glance at the other benefits of using Hotspot Shield.

Benefits of using VPN to Surf Web Anonymously:

We all have been affected by Internet censorship either being a student, an employee in a corporate office, or even being a native of a conservative country likeMiddle Eastern countries, North African countreis, South East Asian countries or many other regions. So we all know how it feels to be deprived of, for instance, social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the geographic deprivations of,,,, etc.

  • Hotspot Shield offers access to blocked websites without compromising your online identity. This means that you will be provided with a US IP address even if you aren’t physically there, and thus will remain unidentified while accessing the websites of your choosing. So feel free to use websites of your choice anywhere you want with Hotspot Shield VPN.
  • If you use the internet often and share your confidential information like your credit card information or other confidential information that you want to share, switch to Hotspot Shield.
  • You might have used the public Internet connections while in a local café, a hotel during a vacation, or maybe while shopping in a mall. These are the most common places where we are targeted by hackers. Using Hotspot Shield VPN is the best way to safeguard your personal information and learn anonymous browsing.

You can download this amazing software at:

Guest Post by Satinder Singh : I have shared over 50+ articles pertaining to internet security, online privacy and internet freedom on different technology blogs. Here I have shared about How to surf web anonymously with Hotspot Shield VPN.

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Satinder Singh( is Inbound Marketing Manager at Click Labs. He has shared over 70+ articles pertaining to internet security, online privacy and internet freedom on different technology blogs.

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  1. George

    Feb 16. 2013

    Oh ! Fantastic News Sharing With US. Good Job Satinder Singh.

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  2. TechCrates

    Feb 19. 2013

    Thanks.. George; In future you will more informational posts from my side.

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  3. Fintan

    Oct 03. 2013

    The fact that the whole Prism program is now public knowledge means that we all need to take more steps to safeguard our online privacy and to ensure Big Brother isn’t looking places where he has no business.

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  4. Eliana

    Oct 07. 2013

    We need to be more attentive while suing internet and if we make any kind of transaction over there, we must make sure that we are using a secured and authenticated site.

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  5. Peter

    Feb 10. 2014

    yes thats right, virtual private networks provide tunneled security as well. Good article Tech’ies

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  6. SaiCharan

    Jun 25. 2014


    These days internet spying is increasing rapidly and yes, being anonymous will help us in many ways.

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  7. Michael

    Apr 11. 2015

    I always use a VPN when browsing the internet, and I like to use HTTPS as much as possible.
    But I’m also paranoid about my files on my computer, same with my messages.
    So I use Encrypt4.Me to encrypt my files and encrypt my messages. It’s very secure, open source and free to use.

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