Impact Of Tech Craze On A Student’s Life

This is undoubtedly the era of technology. In fact this is an era where the top technology is available to everyone. Despite of an age or a gender difference things are available for everyone. Irrespective of the fact if that technology is suitable to an individual in a certain age, position or profession it is in everyone’s hand. The consumerism flood has swept away every one and this was a pleasant thing that happened.

Today we are surrounded or let’s say hijacked by the technological gadgets and this is making us psychologically weaker and weaker every day. The group of individuals who are sensitive and the impact of anything would mean a lot to them, is the group of students. This technological revolution has influenced them on a big scale. This post would shed light on such sectors of a student’s life that have been badly effected by technological advancements.

Impact Of Tech Craze On A Student’s Life

1. The essence of knowledge

A Professor just told me recently that once we used to look at several books for a reference in case we get stuck at some point. For an answer of that particular thing or question we would frisk a number of relevant and irrelevant books as well. Along side finding the answer for our problem question we would learn many other related and non related things as the practice of looking for that particular question in the book was a healthy practice.

Educationist was not just a terminological expert but the essence of knowledge used to be filled in his/her veins. A professor was the witness that this level of knowledge has fallen drastically now.

2. Time for studies

The industrial revolution and consumer society has snatched the chance and time of studying privately. A student who has to make both the ends meet and survive in this tough economy has been bombarded with the social media network and smartphones so much so that they don’t find adequate time to offer to their studies.

Consequently we can see that the trend of online academic help is increasing day by day. This is an alarming situation as PhD’s level candidates have been found using such online help. This clearly indicates that the modern lifestyle that is equipped with enormous use of technology has brought quite much destruction for students.

3. Physical Health

Health is important at every stage of life but it becomes of a higher importance when you are a student. Technological advancement has brought physical illnesses that were not known ever before. Children prefer staying indoor to play game consoles rather than going outside and have fun. They are more interested to play soccer on a console rather than on a play ground with their very own physical body. Internet and smartphone like gadgets have changed the school students from sports fanatics to online gaming freaks.


Author’s bio:

The author is known by the name of Andrew Davies who happens to be a follower of Noam Chomsky. He has written a lot on the subject of modernity hazards. Students love him for his support on matters like Dissertation help etc.

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