Latest Technology and its Effects on Human Health

Latest technology has opened up many ways for the betterment of human beings. We have seen thousands of developments in the field of technology. The innumerable inventions have made our lives much easier then primitive times but it is has also affected our health. Some of the positive and negative aspects of technology are discussed in this article.

Latest Technology and its Effects on Human Health


Medical Inventions

The technology has helped us in the prevention of many chronic diseases such as Small pox, Malaria, influenza and the list goes on. The laser technology is also playing a crucial role in curing various diseases. Operations are carried out with laser technology without much time and pain, such as eye operations etc.


Improved Means of Transportation & Information

With the advent of technology, improved means of transportation are created such as electronic trains and vehicles. Information is also dispersed from one part of the world to the other, in just matter of seconds. TV, Radio, e-newspapers and social media are the fastest resources of information.

Communication Inventions

Latest means of communication are made possible with the help of technology. Mobiles, laptops, e-mails and social networking websites have broken all the barriers of distance among people across the globe. We can contact our loved ones in seconds.

Improved Educational Services

Technology has also helped in the educational domain. Digital libraries, educational video lectures and online education are some of the examples of developments in the education sector.

Business Tools

Technology has also helped in the business sector by inventing business tools which can plan and devise ways, which are helpful for business community.

Accuracy & Precision

The mathematical calculations required in offices and businesses, are made possible with the help of technology. Technology has helped in carrying out these calculations in just minutes with the help of tools devised for businesses and offices.



Increased Mental & Physical Health Issues

Increased mental and physical health issues are rising due to over usage of technology. Weak eyesight, fatigue, obesity, depression and isolation are some of the examples of physical and mental health issues.

Social Issues

Technology has made possible to contact people from one part of the world to the other but it has created a vacuum among people living in one house. People spend most of their time on computers. Social activities have reduced to the minimal level. Recreational activities are essential for mental and physical health but nowadays even toddlers like to play games on computers and tablets.


Technology has made us dependent on it. Contemporary man is lazy as compared to primitive man. Even a five minute walk distance is covered in vehicles instead of walking, which is better for our health.

Humans are more Prone to Chronic Diseases

Technology has helped a lot in curbing fatal diseases but it also has contributed a lot in spreading chronic diseases. The prolonged exposure to x-rays can cause cancer as the radioactive rays are very dangerous to human beings. The daily usage of technology such as mobiles and laptops is also detrimental to health.

These were some of the most common positive and negative aspects of technology.


Author’s Bio: Marvel Anna has been writing interesting articles for AOne Assignment Service for 2 years, covering the recent advances in information technology. He works for a popular software company, and also runs own business.

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    Each thing have its pros and cons but it depends on how you utilize it. Excess of everything is bad!

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