Lenovo Phone P770 – Fab Smartphone With an Awesome Battery

There are a lot of smart phones manufacturer that are competing in the technical world today. Each of these mobile phone developers equipped their products with unique features and accessible application that consumers will truly enjoy, and to distinguish their products from the others as well.

Smartphone with an awesome battery - Lenovo Phone P770 review

One of the biggest producers of cell phone is the Lenovo. With their newest Lenovo Phone P770, this android phone can also offer what others can do, only if given a chance. However, with bunch of mobile phones brand out there such as Apple, Samsung and Nokia, Lenovo might find it hard to compete in the market.

In their press conference last week, they admitted that they are having a difficult time promoting their product since it does not appear as stylish as other mobile phone, and is identical to others, or if not, related to others. That’s why they created a new breed of Smart Phones that everyone will surely find it irresistible, something that would give the user what they are looking for, and that is giving them a kind of mobile phone that could last for up to 24 hours. Therefore they will be enhancing the battery life capacity of their Lenovo Phone P770, which is necessary for someone who doesn’t want to have hassle due to charging a battery.

The Newest Battery Of Lenovo Phone P770

Lead battery was once the battery of choice for other digital gadgets, since it is rechargeable and could last for up to 10 years. With this given period of time, it is for sure that you will surely by a new Android phone before you even realize that your lead battery has gone expired. With this fact, Lenovo enhances their newest Android with its amazing almost “unlimited life” of the battery. The proto type lead battery no longer exist, for they will be using the newest Lithium-ion battery which is bigger and bolder compare to other mobile phone battery that exist. For them, if they could not compete with the other aspect of Smart Phone features, then they will give what the consumers truly needed beyond the stylish look and fun application, and that to increase the cell phone’s capacity for use with a long lasting battery.

What is Lithium-ion battery and Why It is the Preferred Use?

Lithium- ion battery or sometimes known as LIB is a rechargeable type of battery that is used for electronic consumption. It was developed by M.S Whittingham of Binghamton University with its aim of producing a high density of electric battery voltage for electronic use. And now, Lithium- ion battery is use for consumer electronics such as portable electronics, and other energy consumable type. It is the preferred used for mobile phone batteries since it has no effect in the memory, and it is does not waste to much of charge when not in use

Now Lenovo develop an astounding Lithium- ion battery that reflects on its bigger size. With its 3500 mAh (ampere- hour), it can offer a battery life of more than how much other competitors can offer. Though the battery is smaller compare to the Tablet and Phlablet battery still, it can give you a battery capacity of a 7 inch Tablet. The ironic part is that, Lenovo is the first time to showcase this kind of battery capacity, which other’s missed to do so. With this originality, a bigger window for marketing awaits to Lenovo.

Other Interesting Features of Lenovo P770

In addition to its superb battery power, it also has a dual core of Media Tek MT 6577 processor that can fasten data transmission, thus telecommunication is enhanced. It also has a 1.2 GHz (Gigaherts) and 1 GB RAM (Random – Access Data), that can accommodate store more files and other applications without affecting data processing. Another feature is its high megapixel (8 MP) of camera which can give you a higher definition of photos that you can upload in your social networking site.

How Long Will The New Lenovo P770 Last?

With its new Lithium- ion battery, Lenovo guarantee that you can have 5 days of battery without charging. This length of days free from charging is enough to survive a place without an electrical outlet for charging.

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  1. Uta

    Jan 21. 2013

    I wish Lenovo would launch a cell phone on Ubuntu OS.

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  2. Vinayak

    Jun 11. 2013

    Hi team, the camera is 5MP and not 8MP in lenovo P770 series. It has

    USB on the go feature which is really good.

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  3. Shri

    Jul 16. 2014

    It’s a good smartphone. However there many other good smart pones.

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  4. Ijaz

    Jul 09. 2015

    I’m loving it

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