Tech Solutions to Make your Trade Show Booth Attractive

Trade shows are considered by most to be old-school brand promotion techniques and while there is a logic to this, this does not mean that there is no room for new and advanced technology in the industry. In fact, most trade show experts will agree that booths and exhibits that use new technology are far more likely to attract attendees and leave a lasting impression. So, how do you do it?

Tech Solutions to Make your Trade Show Booth Attractive

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Enable visitors to interact

The overall experience of the average trade show attendee is visiting a bunch of booths that all look the same, getting some promotional material, perhaps asking a question or two and hopefully getting the answers. With technology, you can enable your visitors to have a much more interactive and interesting experience at your booth. For example, you can put in iPad stands where your visitors will be able to check out your company. You can also leave cameras or phones so that they can take selfies at your booth. You can always use tablets or other devices to organize gaming contests with the winners getting prizes or something.

Always use video displays

One of the easiest ways to incorporate “technology” in your trade show booth is to install video displays that you will be using for various purposes. For example, you can show videos about your company, your products and your ideas. This is far more interesting than giving out boring brochures. You can also use these displays to show photos and videos from the very trade show you are exhibiting at, sharing the most interesting moments and letting people know that you are serious about interaction. You can find more ideas on your AV system in this blog post by NVP Exhibits experts.

Take advantage of social media

Social media is your best ally before, during and after a trade show. By using social media smartly, you can spread word about your upcoming trade show exhibit and you can easily invite people to check it out. You can also make promo videos that you will upload on your YouTube channel and spread on social networks, representing your company and the upcoming trade show. You should also share pics and vids that you will be making throughout the trade show, inviting people to tag themselves and share the content. There are tons of things that you can do with social media that will definitely enhance your exhibiting efforts.

Use high-tech promotional material

Another way in which you can use technology during trade shows is by giving out high-tech promotional material instead of the same old stuff that everyone is used to seeing. You can buy a bunch of cheap USB sticks, stuff them with info on your company and give them out instead of brochures. You can also make all of the information on your business downloadable and let people take it down onto their devices. If your budget allows it, buy or rent out a 3D printer and then let people print out their own promotional material.

Closing word

In the end, it will all come down to your creativity and the ideas that you have for incorporating technology in your trade show booth. It will definitely make your booth more attractive and it will help you get noticed and talked about, which is the ultimate goal of exhibiting.

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    Trade shows are touch points to valuable customers and future audience for your tech products

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    Its really workfull….

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