4 Major Technology Trends in Learning

Technology has made it easier for people to acquire knowledge the way they want.

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Major Technology Trends in Learning 2017

1. Personal Access to Mobile Devices

There are many technology trends in education. One of them is a personal access to mobile devices. Students find almost everything on their mobile phones. From a jigsaw puzzle solving trick to a major complex question of Math, they find it really easy to use their phones to derive information. According to Evans, 89 percent of high schools students have access to Internet-connected smart phones, while 50 percent of students in grades 3 through 5 have access to the same type of devices. High school student access to tablets tops out at 50 percent and laptops come in at 60 percent. In addition to personal access, the survey found about a third of students have access to a device (typically laptops or tablets) in their school. These statistics show the enormous impact a mobile device has on a student’s life.

2. Internet Connectivity

Another trend of technology in education is that internet connectivity has no longer become a problem. Now, students can use internet as much as they want, even at home. According to the study, more than 60 percent of the students have 3G or 4G devices while others claim that they connect to the internet through a Wii console or Internet-enabled TV. When students were asked the reason for not liking traditional system of education, they said, ‘there was less contention for access with other members of the family through these non-traditional devices.’

3. Use of Video for Classwork and Homework

There is another trend of technology in education i.e. usage of videos for classwork and homework. The tool of making videos and using them to make students understand the concept has been on the rise in recent years. It has been noted that 46 percent of teachers are using videos in in the classroom to improve the understanding of a student about a particular subject. Evans said,

One-third of students are accessing video online — through their own initiative — to help with their homework. This is called “Khan Academy effect.” According to another report,

23 percent of students are accessing video created by their teachers.

4. Mobile Devices for Schoolwork

According to the recent results, students are using mobile devices to better their day-to-day tasks as well to improve their own process of learning. Students find it easier to leverage mobile devices to complete their schoolwork. According to a research, Sixty percent of students are using mobile devices for anytime research, 43 percent for educational games and 40 percent for collaboration with their peers. Thirty-three percent of students surveyed use mobile devices for reminders and alerts related to their academic lives, 24 percent for taking photos of their assignments, and 18 percent for in-class polling.12 percent of the students responding said they use mobile devices to text questions to their instructors while in the classroom.”


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